Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Thrill of the Unknown.....

In the beginning.....

In this travel love situation you never know what to think. Especially in the beginning. I was in that situation and constantly meet people that are in that situation.

First you wonder. Was it love? Was it travel love?
Then, you wonder, all the other thousands of questions.
#1 How will this ever work. We are from two different ends of the world, and do not speak the same language.

I say, That is great!! The less talking the better. When I first met Achim that is what I loved. I didn't realize it at first. But after meeting him and then being apart from him, having lots of time to think. I realized, WOW!! He didnt ask me any of those annoying questions like:
What happened in your last.....?or How many people have you.....? or What are your issues? How do you feel about....? or What are all the names of your ex's?

There was no judgement based on who we were in the past.

(So many times i think we ask people a thousand questions about their past, and then judge who we think they are and what we think they are all about. which not fun,and takes the sparkle out of who people are.)

It was just he and I in the now! There was no past, there was no future (in the beginning). It was just us in that paticular moment of time.

We would meet up somewhere half way around the world and just not know.

Looking back on those times that were not that long ago. I realize that I knew all along. But I had snuffed out all those instincts that we have just because I did not want to get hurt or look like the fool again.

Then you fall in love and act like a total fool all the time. Its really liberating.

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