Monday, November 27, 2006

It always feels good when.....

there is a happy ending/ beginning!!

I am really into the law of attraction. Basically, what you focus on or put your energy towards, is what you attract in your life.

This could get really deep and philosophical but its not!

The little story is:
Last night after I posted my piece about the beginnings of Travel Love, my phone rang.

It was a friend of mine from England, whom I met in Nicaragua. She fell in Travel love w/ a guy from the states. She is "in the beginning" the exciting part, that part that feels so mysterious. (Its so mysterious to you, meanwhile the people around you are saying,"Duh... you guys are obviously in love, whats the big deal.")

Here is a bit of the conversation:

SHE says: I just don't know how he feels about me. He keeps talking about his future plans but doesn't say my name in there. He keeps saying "I."

(meanwhile he has only flown back and forth to England 2-3 times in the last couple of months to see her, I think he might like her)

I say: Well did you ask him if you are in his future plans? Did you ask him if he would like to speak in the "we."?

(she sputters!!)

She says: Well no, but I just don't think he is as serious as me. He isn't even looking into his VISA options or anything. I just think he thinks this is a fun thing.

I say: Oh, I am so sure he really has flown back and forth spending every last cent he owns just for a bit of fun.

She says: Well If he doesn't want to think about the "We" then I just want to end it now.

I say: Hmmm.... Is that what you really want? Is that what your heart tells you to do?

Then we go about chatting. I say the basic stuff: be yourself, don't think all bad things, he obviously likes you.

Then I recieved this e mail from her today:

Spoke to "BOB" and he just laughed at me and asked which bit of all
this was still casual. He's as serious about seeing if we might be serious as I am. And he's upfor seriously planning in the"we" and finding a solution. SO-oooo good to speak to you. You cheered me up so much. I promise I
won't leave it so long before I call again.

See wasn't that beautiful!! All you have to do is ask..... We all know that but always forget when it comes to our own life! When we step aside its crazy to think we would kill off love just to protect ourselves. But we do it all the time!!

Moral of the story: Don't make up what you think the other person is thinking. Just freakin' ask!! Silly!

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Lacey said...

ahhh... i needed that-- i just got on this "he isn't e-mailing cause I told him about ST tip..." Going down a dark alley--- I will open up that french-eng dico tonight!