Monday, December 04, 2006

Seafood Love

We are taking a small break for a moment from love, man to woman. And changing genres to Food Love, man to food, woman to food.

I am currently in Zurich, working (just wanted to type that for a minute, instead of saying dog sitting). Dog sitting is ....... Well atleast I get to wander around town, and stare at all the lovely shops and most of all, all the great food.

My new favorite place is the food section of this really fabulous swiss department store. Its called Jelmoli. Anything you could ever possible want, gourmet everything.

What does a Florida girl go for? A person who insists on always traveling to a place with a beach!

SEAFOOD!! Thats right.

I know I know, I am in Switzerland. A landlocked country. No Ocean. Its kind of tough for me at times. But love conquers all, right?(don't worry, my love is a seafood lover as well!)

Sunday marked a special occasion. My Swiss love, left the village and came to the big city with me. Its Christmas time, so lucky us, the gourmet food land is open.

My love says, " Lets just buy whatever Seafood we want, we will cook it up, and it will be better than going out to eat."

I said,"hmmm... ok."

#1: We purchase 1 kilo of mussels = 25 chf ( i thought this was a pretty good deal, considering)
#2 We purchase 1 filet of red snapper = around 250 grams =21 chf (gulp)
#3 We purchas a salmon steak= 9 chf

Then we were off to buy the essentials for cooking, lemons, garlic, onion, and white wine.

Mussels w/ white wine, a squeeze of lemon, garlic, onions, and a dash of thyme.

Fish cooked in a pan w/ sauteed garlic, onions, and the juice of 3 fat lemons.

We ate it one item at a time and enjoyed every bite. It was all so scrumtious. I can't remember the last time I had salmon. The last time I had red snapper was earlier this year when we were in Nicaragua.

That was the hard part for me, buying seafood in a landlocked country. The prices are just different. Of course, it makes sense.

My love had to keep chanting, as I babeled," Kiara, its ok, we are not in Nicaragua, remember in Nicaragua, even the red snapper was more expensive, it was $4 per fish there."

I miss the ocean, but atleast w/ modern technology. The ocean can come to us! (I am usually one that prefers to eat locally, however one can't live on sausage alone.)

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pascal and bec said...

one cant lıve on sausage at all!!!! ı m pleased ı dıscovered your blog chıca, ı am a fırm belıever ın travel love for travellers, beıng one myself... pascal and ı have just celebrated our one year reunıversary and stıll smıle the stupıd smıle every mornıng to each other.
lıfe ıs ace, ısn t ıt?