Monday, September 25, 2006

Was it love? Was it Travel love?

The inspriation of this blog is travel love.
Travel love- when you meet someone traveling and you fall instantly in love. You do not know if its the real thing or if you really like this person just because you are traveling.

This is the situation I was in with the fellow in this picture. Was it love??? Was it travel love?? Well after going back and forth accross many continents, we know. Drum roll please.......... ITS LOVE!!!

So what do you get when you mix a traveling carpenter from Switzerland (who traveled for 4.5 years with out coming in a 50km radius of his home) and a girl originally from Florida who is into traveling, health and nutrition, and mostly just loves to talk?

You get many adventures. Many of which end up in the kitchen combining our backgrounds and food experiences from around the world.

1 comment:

Francesco said...

you must come in Italy....

With food and love we are 1# in the world....