Sunday, September 30, 2007

Casa Oberhänsli has its first guests!!!

Last month we had our first set of guests at our home. Pat (friend that we met in Thailand from Canada) and his lovely girlfriend Denise! It was so much fun to get to share our home and our beach with wonderful friends. They had just been in Costa Rica and arranged their flight home to come through Florida to pay us a visit.

I knew I loved Denise when the first thing she said when they arrived in our home was,"I would just love to eat some vegetables, in Costa Rica their were not a lot of vegetables and I need vegetables."

I often find that when traveling depending on what part of the world you are in it is hard to find vegetables. So in Oberhänsli fashion we enjoyed good food and drink, and lots of beach time!!

Beach side at Casa Oberhansli: Pat and Denise

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pascal and bec said...

yah beach time with wine- what a classic combination!!