Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I got Married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yep!! I think its the craziest thing I have ever heard come out of my mouth, but its true and its awesome!! Achim and I were engaged for approximately 12 hours. The plan was to go down to the clerk of courts and get the paperwork together to "eventually" get married.

When we got there after going through the metal detectors and the woman running her wand over me and saying, "whoop, i can tell you don't have an underwire on." Yikes I was violated by the metal detector lady.

Then we walk up to the counter, the woman very abruptly said, "Well what day are you getting married?"

Achim and I replied: ahhhh, duhhh, ahhh, we dont know?

The Lady: WHat do you mean you dont know!!

Achim and I: Ahhhh..... duhhh.... we dont know.

The Lady: Well you can do it today.

Achim: Ok, we do it today.

Me: (Staring blankly at him.) Thinking to myself, what the heck no beach no nothing.

The Lady: Ok, well the go sit down and I will be with you.

Me: (telling Achim) Honey do you realize we are actually getting married in a few minutes.

Achim: Really. Oh. I thought we were just signing some papers.

Me: Nope, this blonde lady is about to marry us.

Achim: Oops.

The lady comes over grabs us takes us outside of the court house by the smoking section and a large potted plant. Tells us both in the middle of it that she is sorry but she cant pronounce either of our names. approx. 20 seconds later we were married.

It was rather weird and anti-climactic but turned out to be a good day with a really good spur of the moment party!!

Achim and I will be having our official wedding in Feb. or March. We will keep you posted.

Love, Mrs. Oberhaensli!!

This is at our party, lots of people magically showed up on very little notice, minutes and for some hours!!

The exact moment, The Lady is taking our pic, notice the potted plants and parking lot!


pascal and bec said...

yah! that is the best wedding story ever!! congratulations guys, i shall break out the chocolate!!
the house is looking fab too,

Lacey said...

damn...look at those dreads!!You 2 look beautiful... and the wedding story is sooooooooyou and achi... cant eait for the wedding...

Maddi said...

Congrats you beautiful crazy woman!!!!
Sounds like you seized the moment.
Paper part: check. Spirit part: coming soon.
Love ya. The house looks great too!! Wow. Can he come and work on my house?