Thursday, March 11, 2010

There is a lot of paperwork involved in Travel Love.

The Swiss Farm: This is the house and land we want to buy in Switzerland.

Lately it seems that life is full of paperwork. As Lace says, "You two are always on task." Pretty much. I bark orders, Achim does his best to fulfill them. These are the things you don't know about/ or care about in the beginning stages of travel love. But with travel love comes paperwork. Name changes, immigration paperwork times 3, purchasing a house, plane tickets, car purchases, moving 5 times, address change, oops a ticket, insurance paperwork, open a business, close a business, file taxes, and much much more. Somehow travel love turned into paperwork love. This wasn't what Achim and I were dreaming of as we stared into each others eyes on a sandy beach in Thailand five years ago. All the paperwork is worth it though. I am so glad we met. So here we are, house is fixed up and rented out. Achi and I moved to Jupiter, FL.

I find myself missing my Swiss Family, the village life. I find myself really wanting to do something creative. I don't really know what that is or what it means, but I want to use my hands, get them dirty, mold or shape an object. I love working with people and talking to people, yet I find myself wanting to be artistic. I have about 9 inches of a scarf knitted from 3 years ago, and then I forgot how to knit. Help!

2010: The Year of the Wedding. We have 4 very important and special weddings this year. My bro, his bro, cousin, and best friend of over 20 years. Then what after that........

I want to travel (whats new). I can't wait to be out of my comfort zone in a positive way, stretching myself and learning about a new place and a new way. To be on an adventure. INDIA........ Plus as pictured above we want to buy this beautiful piece of land with house and restaurant in Switzerland.

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